SOTW Cast/Crew News:

Thank you for a beautiful performance season!  SOTW will be back for 2018.  Stay tuned for more information regarding auditions.  Announcements will be made in August/September of 2017.


Cast Resources

Download and listen to ensemble recording 

Visit this website to download recordings of music and cast singing music from the production.  This can help you learn tempos and music cues.  Please remember that some music from our Act I have different lyrics than the original production.

Please contact us with any questions:


The Salt Lake production includes Act I - His Birth and Act II - His Resurrection.  Our production will include Act II, but will have a different first act.  Rather than depicting his birth we are portraying the events of the last few days of His life as viewed by those closest to Him.  This new first act we are calling Act B - His Sacrifice and will be an updated version of what was produced in 2015.. 

Act I (Act B) Version 15 This has been revised for the 2017 season

ACT 1 Scene 5 Passover script correction

Act II Script.  Will not change for 2017. 

Casting Helps 

Scene Synopsis.  Download this short description of each scene segment, who is on stage with lines, on stage no lines, songs sung, etc.  Some updates will be made for the 2017 production.

Rehearsal Schedule 

Rehearsal schedule updates

Download updated rehearsal schedule here (1.17.2017)

Sunday night rehearsals will include all cast members, so everyone should always plan to attend.  Thursday night scene rehearsals will involve smaller groups and not everyone will need to attend every week (chorus will not need to attend Thursday rehearsals).  Please note the rehearsal schedule will be regularly updated.  Please check to make sure you have current schedule:   

Please check back here often for rehearsal schedule updates and cancellation information due to inclement weather.

If your schedule does not permit you to attend a particular rehearsals, please advise the directors at the earliest possible time.

Audio Files

Accompaniment Tracks Act B 

Accompaniment Tracks Act II

Rehearsal Tracks

Come Lord Jesus lyric cheat sheet download here

Sample Choral Tracks