ActB script vFeb4_2014. Many lines updated after reading last Sunday.  Affected lines are highlighted in yellow. New Segment B-2.5 with a new song for Mary.  

Act II Script 

Casting Helps 

Who's in What Scene (updated Feb 4) 

Character by Scene Grid (update Feb 4) 

Sheet Music

Sheet Music Act B (most songs now available)

Sheet Music Act II

Audio Files

Audio Files Act B (most songs available)

Audio Files Act II

"Broadway" Style Soundtrack

These songs include the music and lyrics while those above are only the background tracks.  These are intended for cast use in learning the parts (and words for Act II).  They are not for general distribution.  Feel free to sing along with the vocalist but note that many of the songs in Act B have new words to existing tunes.  All songs are in M4a format. 

Please be aware that many songs from Act I have been repurposed for Act B.  A few are being performed as written, but most have new lyrics as noted below.    

Act II being performed as written